Treatments: Dermapen

Dermapen™ is a Microneedling treatment also known as Collagen Induction Therapy. It is a new non-surgical, advanced skin rejuvination treatment to revitilise, replenish and restructure the skin.



Microneedling therapy is a straightforward procedure which restructures the skin by harnessing the body’s ability to regrow and repair the skin from within. Obviously we can’t stop the ageing process but we can definitely slow it down!

Collagen and elastin fibres provide the basis of the structure of the lower levels of the skin and give the skin its ‘snap’, firmness and resiliance. Unfortunately as we age the skin produces less of these fibres and they become damaged over time.  Dermapen™ microneedling uses a hand-controlled device with tiny, shallow needles to puncture the outer layer of skin to create controlled skin injury.  This micro damage to the skin promotes natural collagen and elastin production.  The freshly produced collagen and elastin rejuvenates the skin resulting in an overall improvement in the texture and tightness of your skin by smoothing lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, scars and stretch marks and so providing an excellent age management solution.



After an indepth consultation your therapist will assess your skin and recommend a treatment programe for you dependant on your concerns and goals. The skin will be cleansed and lightly exfoliated before the most suitable Dermapen™ dermaceuticals serum is selected for your concerns. The Dermapen™ is then glided over the skin starting on the forehead and working down the face and neck area. As the Dermapen™ is such an acurate tool it can be used effectively to work over the eyes, nose and lips too. There can be some mild discomfort on certain areas of the face and some minor blood spotting is usual when working more deeply on problem areas.

A cooling mask is then applied along with hydrating peptides, nourishing moisturiser and SPF.



Although a one off treatment will have great results and improve hydration and brightness to the skin, Dermapen™ is usually recommended as a course of 3-6 treatments up to twice a year to achieve the best results.  Treatments need to take place 4-6 weeks apart to allow for the skins natural rejuvination process to take place and the results of a course of Dermapen™ can be seen for up to two years.



You can expect the skin to feel tight and warm following a treatment, in a similar way to how it may feel with mild sunburn. The skin can become quite red immediately after treatment depending on your skins level of sensitivity and some pinprick blood spotting can occur over areas that have been more deeply worked. Any redness usually subsides within a few hours but if your skin is particularly sensitive or we have worked deeply over a problem area then redness and mild swelling could be present for 24-48 hours.



For the first 24-48 hours:

Avoid any heat treatments such as saunas, swimming, steam rooms and very hot showers/baths.

Avoid sun exposure – a minimum of an SPF 30 should be use daily.

Avoid intensive excersise that may cause sweating

Refrain from using make-up for 24-48 hours

Avoid spray tanning

Avoid active topical skin care (eg: retinols)



For the first few days the skin may feel dry and tight, regularly applying the hydrating products provided in your aftercare kit will alleviate this.

Drink plenty of water before and after treatments as this will assist with the skin healing and rejuvination.

Avoid direct sun exposure (sunbathing) for at least 10 days.

Ensure an SPF 30 as a minimum.

A good homecare routine is critical if the maximum results are to be achieved. Your current routine must include suitable, regular exfoliation; ideally a daily AHA product, antioxidents; specifically vitamin C, hydrating serums and an SPF. Your therapist will be able to advise you on the best homecare to use.

An aftercare kit aimed at soothing, hydrating and repairing the barrier function of the skin is provided for use on the first 1-2 days post needling. As microneedling serves to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin we recommend the following key dermalogica products containing ingredients aimed at supporting this function when undertaking a course of treatments:

  • Superfoliant – an powerful mix of skin smoothing enzymes and AHA’s to resurface, smooth and brighten the skin on a daily basis.
  • Biolumin C serum – (after day 2) – ultra stable vitamin c and super hydrating peptides to help firm and brighten the skin along with lactic acid to increase cell turnover.
  • Skin Perfect Primer SPF30peptides to support skin firmness, broad spectrum spf 30, slightly tinted and light reflecting to reduce the appearence of lines and give a luminosity to the skin.


A specially designed homecare package of the three key recommended products is available at a discounted price of £150 (usually £183) exclusively for clients undertaking dermapen treatments.




COURSE OF 3               £475     (usually £525)

COURSE OF 4               £630     (usually £700)

COURSE OF 6               £950     (usually £1050)


BEFORE & AFTER IMAGES – Provided by Dermapen™