Treatments: Skin Treatments

The Dermalogica Advanced Skin Treatment

60 mins — £65

This forms the foundation of our selection of skin care services and will start you on your dermalogica journey to the best skin health ever.  It’s the ultimate treatment…….that’s different every time. Your therapist will customise the treatment with advanced products, techniques and electrical technology to increase results on congestion, dehydration, stimulation or healing and reparing the skin.  The treatment begins with a deep cleanse and carefully selected exfoliation and is followed by an amazing pressure point massage using highly active essential oils chosen to target your concerns and is completed with serums, specific mask therapy and skin protection. The perfect choice to address all skin concerns and achieve healthy glowing skin.treatment-inner

The Dermalogica Intense Skin Treatment

75 mins — £75

Add an extra 15 minutes of time to the DERMALOGICA ADVANCED SKIN TREATMENT. Your therapist will select additional electricals, treatments or massage to intensify your treatment and your results.

The Dermalogica Express Skin Treatment

30 mins — £32

For those who are short of time or who want a quick, targeted, results based skin treatment without taking too long!

Your therapist will advise and select professional products from the following ranges:

The Age Smart Range.

Perfect for any skins concerned with fighting the signs of ageing. Give your skin a revitalizing power boost with this range specifically designed to help firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energise. The Age Smart treatment uses unique massage techniques designed to stimulate a skin fighting the signs of ageing and ingredients that help control the biochemical triggers that lead to skin ageing whilst treating the signs of premature ageing, photo ageing and sun damage.

The Active Clearing Range

This is the ideal range targeting the signs and symptoms of acne. Professional formulas with unique acne clearing ingredients address the specific factors involved with acne and work to absorb excess oil and reduce over active oil production, remove dead cell accumulation, speed clearing and decongestion, control bacteria and reduce and calm the inflammation and irritation associated with adult acne.

The Ultra Calming Range

A super soothing, ultra calming range that brings serious relief from red, irritated, reactive and sensitised skin. By targeting the triggers behind the redness, itching and stinging and using specific massage techniques, even the most aggravated, irritated, inflamed skin will be calmed, soothed and replenished. This treatment will help recover skin health for long term relief from flare ups.


Touch Therapies

15 mins — £15

Extend and customise any of your skin treatments by adding a further 15 minutes of bliss; choose from:

  • Neck & shoulder massage
  • Head & scalp massage
  • Foot massage