Treatments: Dermalogica, CACI & Radio Frequency Combined Options

Dermalogica, CACI & Radio Frequency combined options

For maximum effects on skin tightening, firming and lifting we combine the effects of Radio Frequency and CACI with the advanced product technology and ingredients of dermalogica for the most effective, non invasive anti ageing skin treatments available. These treatments are only available by recommedation of your skin therapist and in a combination that will suit your individual skin requirements.

You will usually have previously undergone a course of treatments in either CACI or Radio Frequency with us and are an advanced skin care user of dermalogica before we would recommend our combined treatments.

Below are just an example of the way the treatments can be combined, all combinations would be individually prescribed for your skin and your goals.

The Dermalogica Advanced Skin Treatment & CACI Combined

90 mins — £95.00


The Dermalogica Advanced Skin Treatment & Radio Frequency Combined

90 mins — £125.00

Radio Frequency & The Classic CACI Combined

90 mins — £125.00

The Dermalogica Advanced Skin Treatment, CACI jowl lift and Radio Frequency Combined

105 mins — £145.00